DHS is the system of double carbon dioxide heating. It is a patented combination of an external and internal heating system, which can work simultaneously or independently.

IS (internal system) is a so-called electronic heating system, which is inside the device and is its integral part. The most important advantage of this system is a simple interface with the possibility of temperature regulation on the screen. The significant disadvantage of this system is unfortunately its low effectiveness of heating a high flow of gas (100-150 cc/min).

ES (external system) is an independent, external heating module. This solution is often used in industry, because it is very effective. By contrast to the electrical systems, the external systems are stronger and easily heat a high flow of gas. External system, despite the lack of temperature regulation, guarantee a more effective gas heating.

Thanks to DHS carboxytherapy treatment is much more comfortable for the patient.

Do not trust the numbers on the display. Test the new heating technology system on yourself!